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  Sunday, September 25:   

  9:30am  Sunday School (Classes for all ages.)
10:45am  Worship and KidsWorship
     Songs: “Better than Life,” “Great Are You Lord,” “How Great Is Our God,” “You Have Been So Good” and “Amazing Grace.”
    Donnie examines Exodus 18:13-23 as he continues the sermon series "Becoming the People of God in Someone Else's Land."
    Today is the last day Josh will be leading us in worship. Please pray for him and Hannah as they begin this new stage in their lives. We are thankful to Josh for sharing his abilities with us, not just leading but worshiping with us as we sing praises and bring honor to the only One worthy of it.
  1:00pm  Agape Myanmar Mission Church
  Wednesday, September 28:   

   6:30pm Kids 4 Christ (Age 4 through 6th grade)

   6:30pm 3:6TEENS (Grades 7-12)

   6:30pm Adult Bible Study

  Thursday, September 29:   

     The church office is closed today.


  Saturday, October 1:   
  8:00am  Men's Ministry Prayer Breakfast
​     The men of the church will meet in the fellowship hall.

  Sunday, October 2:   

  9:30am  Sunday School (Classes for all ages.)
10:45am  Worship and KidsWorship
     Donnie's sermon series "Becoming the People of God in Someone Else’s Land" continues through the book of Exodus.
  1:00pm  Agape Myanmar Mission Church
  Wednesday, October 5:   

   6:30pm Kids 4 Christ (Age 4 through 6th grade)

   6:30pm 3:6TEENS (Grades 7-12)

   6:30pm Adult Bible Study

​         Opportunities        

Prayer Pals
     If you would like to pray for students, take one or more envelopes from the basket on the bulletin board by Sue’s office. If you want contact information for the student(s) you chose, let Mary Ann know.
Christmas Musical
     Practice will begin soon for this year's Christmas musical. All children and youth are invited to participate. Mary Ann will be sharing details.


Encouragement & Inspiration  

     The congregations that made up the early church didn’t have the impressive presence many ministries have today through television, radio, and the internet. They didn’t have campuses and facilities and programs. They didn’t have educated clergy. God used the combined faithfulness and strength of dozens of under resourced, poorly staffed, badly programed, and unprofessional small churches to change the world forever. All they had was the gospel of Christ and the Holy Spirit. That was plenty to expand the kingdom of God across the entire known world. That is plenty still today.
(Dr. Brandon O'Brien)

    It is almost unbelievable how far we will go to avoid obeying God. We call Jesus "Lord" and beg Him to rejuvenate our souls, but we are careful to do not the things He says. When faced with a sin, a confession or a moral alteration in our life, we find it much easier to pray half a night than to obey God.
(A.W. Tozer)


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