Worship Services and Bible Studies

GCBC is a place for the entire family to study the Bible and to worship. We invite you to join us at church.
Worship Service Guidelines

1. Absolutely stay home if you even think you or another person who lives at your address might be sick— or if you or they have been around someone who might be sick. A person needs to be free from any and all symptoms for at least 72 hours before attending church. (We can’t take a chance of infecting someone else and causing more illness.) Be aware, even if you just have allergies you may be causing concern for those around you. 

Note to all parents: Never bring a sick or potentially sick child to church. Sick means any of the following: 100 or more temperature, runny nose, coughing, congestion or sneezing.  A person needs to be free from any and all symptoms for at least 3 full days (72 hours) before attending church.

2. Those who are at risk and are considered “vulnerable” are encouraged to stay home for now. The more health problems you have, the more you should consider staying home. While we take all reasonable precautions, perfect protection is impossible for any institution. Therefore, everyone should understand potential risks and decide for themselves accordingly. There is no shame in choosing to stay home.

3. Face coverings are required by the state (but it’s not a law). If you choose to attend, please wear a face covering. Even if you don’t think you need a mask, wearing one will probably make those around you feel more comfortable. It’s not simply about yourself.

From the State: “Places of worship should ensure, to the greatest extent practicable, that clergy, staff- employees, volunteers and congregants wear coverings (e.g., cloth mask or bandana) over their mouths and noses while attending services.

4. Greeters and volunteers wear face coverings.

5. A table is at the front to place your offering before or after the service.

6. Children need to stay with their family at all times. There is no nursery, KidsWorship, or childcare.


1. When you are entering, maintain six feet of space between you/your family and others.

2. Greeters with face coverings will hold the door open for you and doors will be locked at 11:00 AM. Note: Only two doors will be open—the very front doors and the back door.

3. Once inside, maintain a 6-foot distance from those not in your household.  Avoid shaking hands, hugging, and sitting close to friends.

4. Pews will be marked off to use every other pew. Please do not sit right behind or in front of the person(s) in the closest row in front of or behind you. (FYI: This means up to three individuals or two families can sit on one pew.)

5. Please use the restroom prior to coming to church. If you have to use the restroom at church, please use the one upstairs adjacent to the ladies’ Sunday school room. We are trying to avoid using the downstairs to limit the amount of cleaning/sanitizing that needs to be done.

6. At the end of the service, please wait to be dismissed. Rows will be released individually to facilitate social distancing.


1. Likely touched surfaces will be cleaned after our service and before the Burmese church meets (pews, doors, etc.)

 2. Instruments, mics and sound booth will be cleaned before we leave. Each person will need to clean their own area or instrument.

 3. Bus transportation is not provided at this time. Those riding the bus typically are more vulnerable and should not attend if elderly. There is no way to keep children on the bus to maintain proper distance. 

 4. There are no items in the pew racks to avoid the spread of germs.

Sunday Worship
10:45am - 12:10pm


      Our Church Service at Grace Community is a way to honor and be with the Lord through worship and praise in song, in prayer and in studying the Word.

     Everyone will attend the service in the sanctuary for songs of praise and worship. At this time we will not have KidsWorship - everyone will remain in the sanctuary for the entire service.

​     Pastor Donnie will provide a message from God's Word with his sermon.

     If you would prefer to stay at home, our service is streamed live, starting at 10:45am, on our Facebook page.

Sunday School Classes, Wednesday Night Bible Studies and Zoom Meetings


We are hoping to begin Sunday School classes again in April. We don't yet know when Wednesday evening Bible study in-church services will return.

On Sunday nights at 7:00pm we have informal meetings online. On Wednesday nights at 7:00pm we have Adult Bible Study.

We are using a program Zoom for these online gatherings - a free program for any computer or smartphone.

We invite you to join us for these interactive online meetings Wednesday and Sunday evenings. Contact the church for the links, IDs and password information to join the meetings.

Send email to our Church Secretary, Sue Fields for information about Grace Community Baptist Church.
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