From Pastor Donnie Gullion 8/5


It looks like overall things are continuing to improve slightly in the state. Jefferson County continues to improve slowly, which is a good thing for those of us who live here. We are nowhere near out of the woods yet, however, but hopefully we are going in the right direction and that will be sustained. Time will tell on that.

For the time being, everything will remain the same as far as our services go. I am not aware of anyone making significant changes in our area. I did hear of one church having VBS, which was surprising, but I am not sure how they are going about doing that.

I do encourage you to join us for our Wednesday Zoom studies. This current series has been more informational in addressing how archaeology affects how we view the Bible and Christianity. Especially in times of concern it's good to be reminded that the Bible is not simply a book of stories, it is a book of history as well as revelation from God. It is also a book that is continuing to be confirmed by archaeology.

I also encourage you to join us for our Sunday service at 10:45am, either in person at church or through the live stream on our Facebook page.

Soli Deo Gloria

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