Your First Visit to Grace

     We invite you to join us to worship in the near future. Below are answers to some questions you may have. If you have other questions, please feel free to email us at, phone our church secretary Sue Fields  at 502 361-2911 (Monday through Friday from 9am until 3pm) or visit our Facebook page (

     As you walk through our doors on Sunday morning, Greeters will be happy to help you find your way around. If you arrive before our 10:45am service begins please mingle, introduce yourself to others and get to know people attending the service.

Sunday Morning Worship Schedule
  9:30 - 10:30  Sunday School: Classes for preschool, children, youth, young adults and adults. Nursery is provided for children under the age of three.

10:45 - 12:10  Worship and KidsWorship: Worship through music, prayer and God's Word. Children have their own service during the sermon.

What's provided for the children during worship?
     If you have children who are newborn to age 3, we have a fully-staffed nursery available downstairs. If you have children age 4 through third grade, they will be dismissed during the service to go downstairs for KidsWorship after the Children's Message. In either case, your child will be assigned a number, which will be displayed on the screen to the left of the stage, should your child need assistance. If it will be your child's first time to KidsWorship, please accompany him or her downstairs to assist in his process when the children are dismissed from the adult service. Children of all ages are also welcome to stay with their parents during the service.

     During KidsWorship the children connect to God through song, praise, Bible study, prayer, service, drama and videos designed to deepen their relationship with Christ. KidsWorship ends simultaneously with the adult service.

How should I dress?

     We dress in a various styles. Whether dressed casually in shorts, in jeans and a t-shirt, in bib overalls or in your "best" you will not feel out of place.

As a guest, do I need to give an offering?


Do I have to stand a lot during the service?

     No. We stand while singing, but if standing is difficult for you, please stay seated. If you do stand, then become uncomfortable, please be seated.

Do I have to sing? What if I don't know the words?

     If you prefer not to sing, you may simply listen. The words to each song are projected on a screen in the front of the sanctuary. Even if you do not sing, following along with the words is another way to join us in worship.

What if I have a prayer request or want to know more about the church?

     If you have a prayer request or have any questions about this church, salvation, church membership, theology, or just about anything else, simply speak to Donnie, our pastor, after the worship service. You can also contact us at any time by email, on our Facebook page (, or by calling Sue, our church secretary, at the church office. (See box at the top of the page for email and phone information.)

Where is Grace Community Baptist Church and what about parking?

     The church is located on National Turnpike between Southside Drive and the Outer Loop. (Please see our map page.) There is reserved guest parking in the marked spaces at the side of our building, but feel free to park anywhere in our large parking lots on the left side and behind the church.

Is the church wheelchair accessible?

     Yes. There is a ramp at the front of the church. The Men's and Women's Sunday School classrooms and the Sanctuary are on the main floor. There is a restroom in the women's classroom, which can be used by anyone. Stairs lead to the lower level of the church, which is not wheelchair accessible.

Are listening devices available?

     Yes. Assisted listening devices are available at the sound booth in the back of the sanctuary. Please ask us if one is needed.

What about safety and security?

     We endeavor to be very safety and security conscious at GCBC and work to control the church environment as much as we can, particularly what goes on inside the building. You can help us maintain this awareness by being where you are supposed to be.
     During Sunday School, either be in a classroom or in the sanctuary. During worship, please refrain from going downstairs unless there is a serious need. No one should be roaming the building or be downstairs while the nursery and KidsWorship are in service.
     To further safety and security, the side and back doors of the church are locked during KidsWorship and the front door is monitored during our Worship Service.
     We are at church to worship. Being in class or the worship service at the proper times makes it easier on those assigned to ensure the everyone's safety.

Send email to our Church Secretary, Sue Fields for information about Grace Community Baptist Church. Website Copyright © 2021 by Grace Community Baptist Church. All Rights Reserved.
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